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Looking for a Nutritionist?

Boise's Best Certified Sports Nutritionist

Weight Loss

Learn the proper techniques to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way without feeling like you're on a diet or starving!

Lifestyle Change

Change the way you feel about food and create daily lifestyle habits that keep you on task and committed for life.

Build Muscle

Nutrition isn't only about weight loss but also an important component of gaining muscle. Learn the best way to build lean muscle and become stronger and more powerful along the way.  

Macro Cycling

If you need a more advanced nutrition plan Macro-cycling has the benefit of burning fat, building muscle, & strengthening your body all in one hybrid diet program. 

Fat Loss

Maintain your muscle and burn the fat! Sometimes you're happy with your weight but could lose just a little fat. Target belly fat and those other trouble areas without focusing solely on weight loss.

Sports Nutrition

Proper fuel for the sports you play. You need healthy food to maintain your body for adequate performance. Learn the foods that will give you the edge when it comes to enhancing your ability to play and recover from those extra tough workouts.   

Results, Results, Results

Best Sports Nutritionist in Boise

I will create you a personalized nutrition program based on your current lifestyle and goals. These plans will consist of both a flexible dieting outline for those looking to track macros and/or calories, and fully itemized meal plans for those who need more direction on what to eat, how much to eat, and when.

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